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Rev. Mark Latcovich, Ph. D.


Rev. Mark Latcovich, Ph.D.






Turner_Andrew-B- right size



Rev. Andrew B. Turner

Director of Human Formation, Religious Studies Faculty




Ference_Damian right size



Rev. Damian Ference, Ph.L., M.A.

Philosophy Faculty




Rev. John Loya



Rev. John Loya, MDiv.

Spiritual Director




Joyce_Michael OFM Cap - size adjusted



Rev. Michael Joyce, OFM, Cap.

Director of Pastoral Formation






Rev. John Murphy

Spiritual Adviser




Fr. Lester Knoll resized



Rev. Lester Knoll, OFM, Cap.

Spiritual Adviser




Bernier_Philip J OFM Cap resized



Rev. Philip Bernier, OFM, Cap.

Religious Studies Faculty




Chad Engelland, Ph.D.




Chad Engelland, Ph.D.

Philosophy Faculty




Edward Kaczuk, Ph.D.



Edward Kaczuk, Ph.D.

Formation Faculty