Priestly Formation

The Program for Priestly Formation

The Fifth Edition of the Program for Priestly Formation calls for 30 hours of philosophical coursework distributed over eleven areas of study (four historical areas and seven systematic ones).  Borromeo Seminary offers ten 3-credit-hour courses.  Three courses cover the four historical areas, and seven courses cover the systematic ones.  The systematic courses draw upon the Catholic intellectual heritage, especially the thought of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas.


Philosophy Curriculum

PPF 5 subject met

PL 101            Introduction to Philosophy

PL 240         17th and 18th Century

PL 246            19th and 20th Century

Ancient (History 1); Medieval (History 2)

Modern (History 3)

Contemporary (History 4)


PL 301            Introduction to Logic

PL 304            Human Person

PL 308         Philosophy of God

PL 368         Ethical Theory

PL 387            Philosophy of Nature

PL 395            Metaphysics

PL 396            Theories of Knowledge



Natural Theology


Philosophy of Nature