Course Descriptions

Borromeo Seminary offers the following Theology courses:


TRS 101 Introduction to Religious Studies
Fr. Mark Latcovich
An introduction to the academic study of religion. Topics include the nature of religion, the human search for meaning, revelation, symbol, myth, faith, faith in relation to reason, experience and morality. Introduction to the areas of Scripture, theology, ethics, and religious traditions.


TRS 200 Old Testament Introduction
Sr. Maribeth Howell, O.P.
The historical and cultural environment of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), its nature, composition, and its religious and theological development.


TRS 205 New Testament Introduction
Fr. Anthony Marshall, SSS
The development and composition of the New Testament, the historical, cultural, and religious environment out of which it arose, and the various theological perspectives found within it.


TRS 268 Catholic Moral Theology
Fr. Joseph Koopman

Catholic Moral Theology provides methods for making informed and prudential moral decisions grounded in experience, Scripture, church teaching, and rational discourse.   It also addresses contemporary interpersonal and social problems in light of moral theory within the Catholic tradition.


 TRS 328 Franciscan Movement
Fr. Philip Bernier, OFM Cap.
Franciscan movement from its birth in the life of Francis of Assisi to its contemporary manifestations. Historical and spiritual aspects of the Franciscan phenomenon and its import for the Church today.


TRS 368 Foundations of Christian Social Justice
Dr. Andrew Trew
This course will present an overview of some contemporary conceptions of justice with reference to social and economic issues as they are treated in the Roman Catholic tradition. The course will trace the development of important documents and movements in Catholic social justice efforts.