Students who are accepted into Borromeo Seminary apply to John Carroll University.   Students are eligible for a variety of significant scholarships and grants as well as loans.  In addition, seminarians are eligible for other seminary scholarships through the diocese. The financial arrangements for tuition payment are made directly with John Carroll University.

In addition, textbook expenses run anywhere from $300-$600 per semester depending on the courses. The University Bookstore as well as on-line book services can provide the best prices for text purchases. There is also a $400.00 student activity fee, $450.00 technology fee, and $300.00 health fee for JCU.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, the Room and Board at the seminary for Borromeo students is $6,700.00 for the entire year. This includes phone, internet, free use of laundry machines, and 21 meals per week.  For a full academic year, the average weekly cost is about $225 to live at the seminary.

There is some financial assistance that can be made available to seminarians for room and board.  Students are asked to make their needs known to the Rector.