Pastoral Formation


Pastoral Formation serves to acquaint the seminarian with a world in need of justice, peace, and reconciliation and to challenge him to respond in a spirit of Christian charity and presence. Students are involved in pastoral service at nursing homes, hospice care facilities and hospitals; they work with the indigent poor, people with disabilities and tutor inner city children.

Students are required to perform 2-4 hours of charitable service each week at an assigned social service or church related agency. This pastoral service strives to integrate the student’s experiences in his assignment with the entire formation program. The integration takes place through an evaluation from the supervisor as well as the students own reflection that he offers to the members of the seminary community during reflection evenings.

In addition, the seminary sponsors two blood donations and three clothing drives throughout the year. This provides the entire community with the opportunity to work together to contribute to the greater good of the larger community of which we are a part.