Rafael Altejar (CFP)

Hello! Feel free to call me Raf. I am 19 years old, and was originally born in the Philippines. Fully filipino! Woo! After moving to the States, my home parish became Queen of Apostles in Alexandria, VA. I pursued Biomedical Engineering for two years at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, then I took a leap of faith and discerned into the Borromeo Seminary Program. As much as I enjoyed learning about the human body in my Engineering major, I felt that I was missing out on a fuller view of life. “Isn’t there more to life than how to function as a body?” I began to ask myself. We are not just bodies, but persons, loved by God. How did I forget that? God got me there. Got me good. Now, I study Philosophy and English. Who would have thought? I am also a part of the Capuchin Formation Program. So I’m not just discerning priesthood, but the religious life too. A little more about me: I enjoy reading and writing fiction, all kinds of listening and performing music, and meeting and hanging out with new people. Thank you for reading and know that we’re praying for you daily!