Christopher Cotone

I’m Chris Cotone, from Saint John Bosco Parish in Parma Heights, Ohio. Here’s a little bit about discovering my call to the Seminary. About midway through my first year of college, I found myself jotting down notes in class wondering, “What’s next for me?” My heart became restless as I searched for something more. Soon after, I reached out to the vocation director of our diocese and proceeded to take two weekend visits to the Seminary. When I visited, it was Eucharistic Devotions weekend at the Seminary, where I truly experienced God’s gentle touch on my heart, and the long stream of tears that followed as the Eucharist was exposed on the altar following Mass. It was in that moment that I listened to God’s invitation, let my guard down, and decided that I would enter Borromeo Seminary. I understand that entering the Seminary is just the beginning, and that I’m uncertain of what direction the road ahead will take me. But, through honest discernment, I know that God will guide me and show me the way.