Anthony Donatelli

My name is Anthony Donatelli, I’m from St. Mary’s Parish in Hudson, Ohio. Let’s get right into my journey on how I ended up in the Seminary. Freshman year of high school was when I first received what felt was an inevitable call to the priesthood, I was petrified! The life God wanted for me was not at all what I desired, so I ran from God. Throughout high school, I felt the closer I got to the Lord, the more the priest vibes got stronger. I don’t think God understood I liked women too much, and my desires for what I wanted in life did not match up to the plan He had set out for me. I went to Kent State right out of high school, ready to do what I wanted in life. I thought putting myself first in life would make me happy. I was so wrong! I grew restless. Nothing of this world could fulfil my longing for fulfilment and happiness. I was broken. I questioned my purpose in life. What’s the point of living if I am constantly never satisfied and can’t be happy with life and myself? I figured there must be more to life, and that I have a purpose in this world. After failing to find happiness on my own, at the end of my sophomore year of college, I finally surrendered to God, and handed my life over to Him. I’m entering my first year at the Seminary (junior year of college) and I am so excited! I know this is where God wants me. For the first time in my life I have direction and purpose. I can confidently say I have never been so happy in my life until I surrendered to God. The Lord is the only one who can satisfy. I don’t know what is to come in my life, what God will have me doing, or if there will be a tomorrow for me. I don’t care. I just love God, and He loves me. I trust in Him.