Cameron Ferrell

My discernment started in the sixth Grade when I experienced a time in my life where I wanted to find out what my life would hold for me. In a time of distress, I continued to pray, “Lord what will I do with my life?”. After praying for this for a long time I had a dream Where I was leading a procession of people up to a giant church. When we go into the church I sit in a pew, and two boys sit next to me and say, “This is the Chosen one and he shall do great things.” Than the dream ended. Though I didn’t know what to think of this I felt that this was not an ordinary experience. So, I went to my parish priest Father Stein and he told me this experience was known as a visitation, when someone is called to the priesthood. After hearing this a great amount of joy and elation came over me. I felt great joy with Father Stein’s findings and I could not have been any happier. After this dream I could not feel surer that the Seminary is where I am supposed to be.