Nathan Frankart

Hello! My name is Nathan Frankart, and I am from St. Joseph’s Parish in Amherst Ohio. I was born in Asheboro, North Carolina to Kim and Steve Frankart. I am the sixth child of eight children, and have the privilege of being siblings to Emma, Abby, Ellen, Anna, David, Jacob and Audrey, my five sisters and two brothers. Looking back at the beginning of my discernment journey, I would have to start with my First Communion. That day will always be one of the most special days of my entire life, because it was the first day that I received the Eucharistic form of our Lord and Savior, and in a special way, I felt the immense of love that God had for me for the very first time. I made my decision early in life to grow deeper in that love in as many ways as I can, and eventually, it lead me to the idea of priesthood around the age of 10 or 11. As I begin high school, my desire to follow God’s love began to wane as I started to look to more temporal things to satisfy me. I started studying Corrosion Engineering at the University of Akron, however, I still felt the invitation Christ was placing on my heart, to deepen myself in my faith and draw myself closer to Him. Finally, I decided that I go no longer go on living life on my own, and that I should live my life for others. I’ve entered to discern this vocation to priesthood, and to increase in my relationship with Jesus Christ, and I am so excited and privileged to do it here at Borromeo Seminary.