Maxwell Giorgi

I grew up in Concord Township Ohio, and graduated from Mentor High School all about a half an hour down Route 90 East from Cleveland. I was raised in a conservative Catholic household, with tough loving parents, one younger brother, and an even tougher loving extended family. Life was a lesson to be learned, but in a good way! I thank my family for having prepared me for the realities of living in a harsh world. We went to church every Sunday and prayed an occasional Rosary. Our religious lives were very important but we, and I, never had thought too deeply into the religion. I have always had aspirations to do unique things like construction, music, music composition, creative writing, astronomy, paleontology, geology, and most of all, meteorology—because one can be paid for being wrong! Never mind that, I loved and still love the awesomeness of weather. The priesthood was NEVER a thought in my head, and whenever those nice elderly women at church came up to me and asked me about the priesthood it was a definite “No.” I did not want my religion, which was a source of peace and comfort for me, to become stressful and ‘job-like.’ However, throughout my adolescent years I made a commitment to stay close to God and live within my faith. Things began to slowly change for me as I upheld this commitment. I began to feel that I had to show love to others and care for others somehow, but what was it? Well back in the spring of 2013 an image of a priest popped into my head, like that, out of the blue. That image seemed to be an answer from God on how he would like me to carry out that ‘love’ and ‘caring for others’ feeling that I was having. So after having slowly discerned this calling I am now here at the Center for Pastoral Leadership in Wickliffe. I never thought I would be here, I never even had an aspiration to be a priest, but this is where God wants me. I do not know if priesthood will be in my future, but I do know that many great adventures lie ahead.