Pablo Lopez (CFP)

My story all began when I was fourteen years old. At that time, I wanted to become a photographer however the Lord had other plans. I was introduced to Saint Padre Pio by my godfather—he had given me the movie of the saint as a confirmation gift. As I was watching the film, I became very inspired. The call to the priesthood had already been a thought in my mind, but after watching the film and reading more about Saint Padre Pio, I felt the lord called me to go deeper into that call. So with some prayer and patience, God revealed to me what he wanted of my life, and that was to go and serve him in religious life through the Capuchin Franciscans. So now I am attending Borromeo Seminary in the Capuchin formation program learning the Franciscan way of life and striving to become a good Catholic man who, through the grace of God, may one day become a priest.