Joseph McCarron

I was born to two loving, supportive, and very faithful Catholic parents, who have been a major influence on me. I am the oldest of five siblings (three brothers and a sister), and we grew up in South Euclid, Ohio. Thoughts of the priesthood began for me my junior year of high school at The Lyceum, where I graduated in 2016. The thought struck me and lodged itself in my head that every young Catholic man has a responsibility to explore the call to the priesthood, as well of course to that of the single or married life. Once I opened myself to the movements and pulls of the Spirit in my life I felt more of a draw to the vocation of a diocesan priest. I felt drawn to the life of leadership and service to God’s people, especially in a pastoral, diocesan sense. Many hours were spent discussing these pulls especially with my pastor, my spiritual director, and Fr. McCandless; the vocation director for the diocese of Cleveland. Sustained feelings of joy began to permeate my soul when I dwelled on the thought of entering the seminary at Borromeo, and I am excited for my first year to begin. Even if I’m later led in a different direction I won’t regret my time here, for time given to God is never time wasted!