Edward Miller

My decision to enter Borromeo Seminary was not taken lightly. As a kid growing up in a Catholic household, I had often thought of the greater purpose of the lives of human beings. What does it mean to be human? For what purpose am I on Earth? What do I need to do with the valuable time that has been given to me? These questions had bothered me for many years of my life, even from a very young age. As I went through high school and became active in Life Teen at Saint Mary of the Falls, I began to bring these questions to prayer. My relationship with the Lord had begun to grow and to thrive. I began to learn my identity in Christ and to accept His love for me. Naturally, after a relationship has been established, the question is no longer, “Do you love me?” but rather, “How can I love you more?” I asked, and He answered. Now, I don’t claim to know what my vocation is, because I don’t yet know what I’m called to. However, I do know that entering seminary was what He was asking of me. Being at Borromeo Seminary will allow me to grow in love for Him. So, after a lot of heartache, prayer, and moments of darkness, I decided to abandon my irrational fears in order to follow Him to my next step.