Sean Neville

I hail from St. Mary of the Falls Parish in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. My family has gone to mass there since I was born, and they have always emphasized the importance of the Catholic faith in my life. I attended St. Mary of the Falls elementary school and then St. Ignatius High School. I continued to develop a deeper relationship with and understanding of God through my Catholic education, but I didn’t begin thinking about Priesthood until my freshman year of high school. I became very involved in our parish’s Life Teen program and began to take my faith more seriously. I’m blessed to come from a parish with many other seminarians because it was through them that the idea of seminary came to my prayer. These men served as great role models for me and made me think, “maybe I’m called to this as well.” With much prayer throughout high school I decided that the next step in my discernment process was to enter the seminary, and God poured fourth an abundance of blessings upon me during my time at Borromeo Seminary. After two years of formation at Borromeo, I was accepted into the Basselin Scholars program through Theological College at The Catholic University of America for further studies in philosophy. I am in my first of three years studying through the Basselin program, and although I miss my diocesan brothers a lot, I trust that this is where God wants me to serve him.