Sam Roberts (CFP)

My name is Sam Roberts. I grew up in Limerick, PA as the oldest of only two. I went to St. Mary Church in Schwenksville, PA and participated in various activities including youth group and St. Vincent DePaul food pantry. The other aspect of my life was karate. I originally spent more time in the Dojo than I did in church but, that all changed when I started to take my faith seriously. When I told my family that I wanted to enter the seminary, my parents didn’t believe me at first. My dad thought I was a phase, but he soon came around and fully supported me. On the other hand, my grandmother made sure everyone in a 50mi radius knew about my vocation. I came to Borromeo Seminary to join the Capuchin Formation Program to pursue this calling. I felt a strong attraction to the Capuchin Order because of their life of poverty and humility. Their daily actions of service to others are very inspiring especially in the world we live in today. I pray one day I may have the privilege to be called their brother and to live my life as a Capuchin Friar.