Luke Rose

I hail from a family of five boys very much in a culture of testosterone (my poor mother). In a family full of NCAA athletes, I, the middle child, have chosen a different route to fulfillment. During my freshman year of high school, as my athletic skill seemed to wane, I found myself investing more in more time in Saint Basil’s LifeTeen program. I had never been interested in truly pursuing my Faith until I had role models in the program. As I progressed through high school, I observed many of my role models fall to a plethora of sins and drift away from the Faith. As I became an upper-classmen, I knew I did not want to give anyone that looked up to me that same heartbreak of losing faith in someone they one looked up to. Although many suspected I would enter seminary directly after high school, I instead elected to attend Ohio State to pursue a BSBA in finance and a BS in economics. Although I was doing well in school, making good friends, and making good decisions, I could not get the seminary off my mind, and I made the difficult decision to leave my life at OSU behind to pursue something greater. I’m finally here at Borromeo and ready to discern and pursue God’s Will.