Tolle Lege

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The Tolle Lege Summer Institute at Borromeo Seminary is a summer theology and philosophy camp for teens entering their senior year of high school. The camp, located on the campus of Borromeo Seminary and staffed by the faculty and students of St. Mary and Borromeo Seminaries, is an instrument of the New Evangelization. During the weeklong sessions students have daily classes in foundational philosophy and theology. They also have the opportunity to find answers to the questions they have about their faith and Christian living. The weekday evenings are dedicated to exploring the culture and Catholic history of Cleveland. In this way intellectual growth is balanced by fraternity, cultural education, and a deeper sense of identity with Catholicism and the Cleveland area.

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Tolle Lege is a unique program that offers teens an extraordinary opportunity to develop into well-balanced Catholic leaders. The camp is designed to allow the hearts, minds, and souls of young Catholic men and women to flourish as they prepare to face life’s challenges and opportunities. Tolle Lege participants are able to grow both spiritually and intellectually by attending daily Mass, participating in communal prayer, and being challenged to grasp the truths of their faith at a higher level.

The camp concentrates on three major themes:
– Growing in love of Christ, others, and self
– Learning the Faith by studying Theology and Philosophy
– Having Fun while getting a good, solid cultural understanding of the Faith

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