LatcovichWelcome to Borromeo Seminary’s website!

Since 1954 Borromeo Seminary has had a rich tradition and place within the Diocese of Cleveland. Our primary mission is and has always been to help men to discern their call to priestly service.

Some of those who have walked through the halls of this holy place have gone on to ordination to the priesthood right here in the Diocese of Cleveland, others to priestly service in a religious community, and still others to mission places throughout the world.  While it is our primary mission to foster a vocation to the priesthood, we also recognize that some who have come to the seminary have discerned that God is calling them to serve the church in a way other than as a priest or religious. I believe with great certainty that everyone who has ever come to Borromeo Seminary has found it to be a place where they can genuinely discern God’s call and thus put meaning and purpose in their life.

We continue this year with the “New XII” initiative, which hopefully will continue to enliven our seminary community well into the future.  The “New XII” is our call for twelve new diocesan applicants for each year – imagine if we could have twelve new applicants every year!  This could bring great power and strength to our seminary and in turn it would provide our theologate an ample number of candidates in preparation for ordination.  Imagine what this could do for the life of our diocese!

I hope you will find information on our website that will allow you to think about Borromeo Seminary. If you are a young man who has thought about the priesthood, find in these pages some answers to questions that will help answer your questions and become one of the “New XII.”  If you are exploring our website for the sake of someone else, may it provide you with the information needed to encourage a young man to apply.

For all of our readers, please know that all of us at Borromeo Seminary will gladly assist you in whatever way we can as you reflect on the possibilities that Borromeo offers.   We welcome your questions and we look forward to meeting with you personally.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Very Rev. Mark A. Latcovich, Ph.D.
Borromeo Seminary