Edward Kaczuk, Ph.D.

Edward Kaczuk, Ph.D.Dr. Edward Kaczuk, Director of Music for Borromeo and St. Mary Seminaries, has been a member of the Borromeo Faculty since 1987. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from St. Vincent College, a Master of Music degree in Organ and Church Music from Indiana University, a certificate in Liturgical Studies from Notre Dame University and a Ph.D. from Kent State University in Music Theory/Composition.

Dr. Kaczuk has served as Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Joseph Parish in Fremont, Ohio and as Director of Music at Gesu Parish in University Heights, OH. Currently he prepares Liturgy Planning materials for the GIA Quarterly.

Ed lives in Solon, OH with his wife, Priscilla and is an avid runner and bicyclist.