With any vocation, a person and their families encounter questions. This section hopes to answer many of these questions.

Q: Does entering Borromeo Seminary mean I will definitely be a priest some day?

A: Not necessarily. Borromeo Seminary is a place of growth in holiness and awareness of God’s will. Its primary goal is to aid young men in the path of discernment so they achieve clarity as to whether they are being called to priesthood or to another Christian vocation.

Q: Can students have visitors?

A: Yes. Family and friends of seminarians can come to visit. However, in respect to the other seminarians, family and friends cannot enter the dormitory except when permitted.

Q: Can a seminarian have a girlfriend?

A: No. Seminarians are asked not to be in any dating or exclusive relationships while in the seminary. A man exploring the possibility of the priesthood is being called to live as closely the life of a priest as possible. Obviously, this would mean that he cannot be involved in any exclusive relationships so as to allow him to explore the possibility of a life of celibacy.

Q: Is a seminarian required to attend Borromeo for four years?

A: It is our hope that a student would stay at Borromeo Seminary through his graduation if it is his desire to study for the priesthood. However, at the end of each year, the student discerns his progress in the seminary and makes a commitment for the following year if he decides to continue. If a student decides not to commit to the next year, the student is free to leave the seminary.

Q: Does a student still need to complete FAFSA?

A: Yes. Seminarians need to complete FAFSA in order to receive academic scholarships from John Carroll University.

Q: Can seminarians have a job during the year?

A: Yes and No. The academic and spiritual formation in the seminary is a full-time load (minimum 15-18 credit hours) for a college student. Therefore, the seminary recommends that students do not seek employment. However, if financial need becomes necessary, seminarians would need permission from the rector before seeking employment.

Q: What does a seminarian do after completing Borromeo?

A: Ideally, a seminarian who completes Borromeo Seminary applies to Saint Mary Seminary for graduate studies in theology. Every year, students participate in a self-evaluation process where they discern and reflect with the faculty in the priestly discernment process. In a consultation with the faculty, the student knows each year whether to continue in the formation program. If a student does not continue with the program, the faculty continue to give direction to the seminarian to help him progress. Many students of Borromeo have found their time valuable in helping the Church.

Q: What majors can a seminarian study?

A: The goal of Borromeo Seminary is to lead a student to the priesthood. Formation for the priesthood requires a breadth and depth of philosophical knowledge in preparation for Theological studies, so Philosophy is the ordinary major. Students may choose from a broad range of academic minors in the John Carroll liberal arts curriculum. Some students find a double major a possibility.

Q: How can I get a copy of my transcripts?

A: For students who attended Borromeo Seminary/Borromeo College of Ohio prior to the fall of 1991, a written request is needed to obtain your transcripts. Click here for complete transcript request information.